Security and Health

The 62 cottages within Golden Pond are in a gated community.
There is a 24 hour guard on duty at the gate.
At night the gate is locked and residents who are out late are asked to notify the guard as to the approximate time they will be returning to make sure the guard is not out on patrol.

We have an Ambulance insurance policy which covers you should you be in an accident whilst travelling in your car to the local shops or going on holiday. This of course includes cover at all times on Golden Pond premises.

There is also a Clinic Sister in charge of our Care Facility and she is available for consultation during the mornings by appointment.

Our Care section has 6 bedrooms which are overseen by the Sister in charge with two nurse aids during the day and two during the night. Our 7th bedroom is kept for the use of residents or outsiders who have undergone hospital treatment and need respite care for a couple of days or weeks till they are able to return home.


Golden Pond Retirement Village – Care Centre

 We offer:

  • 24 hour care
  • Single rooms and en-suite toilet
  • Loving, “homey” atmosphere
  • Gated secure complex
  • Home-cooked meals
  • 3 meals a day & teas
  • All housekeeping and laundry included.
  • Lovely gardens
  • Post operative care
  • Close to shopping and medical services
  • Community Centre with library, hairdressing, church services.